September 1999 Photos - Elisabeth Partin
October 1999 photos:
  1. Elisabeth smiling in her feeding chair
  2. Elisabeth crawling on the floor
  3. The happy family while on a trip to Boulder
  4. Elisabeth playing with a kitty when we visited our friend Paula in Boulder
  5. Elisabeth and Katherine. Katherine is the daughter of our friends Shelli (also in the picture) and Bryant. Katherine was almost 6 months old in this picture
  6. Elisabeth and Maggie, another friend from Boulder. We knew Maggie when she was just days old. Look how big she is now!
  7. Elisabeth standing against a coffee table, looking cute
  8. Elisabeth with Greg, her godfather
  9. Elisabeth performing her favorite trick, peeking into the shower to see who's there
  10. Elisabeth listening to her mama play the 'piano'
  11. Elisabeth deftly using her new Babar sippy cup with handles
  12. Elisabeth sleeping in her high chair
  13. Elisabeth reading a book
  14. Elisabeth and her grammy (Susan's mom) reading a book together
  15. Elisabeth chattering away on her phone
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