April 2000 Photos - Elisabeth Partin
Photos in this month:
  1. Doesn't this dress bring out the blue in my eyes?
  2. I like wearing Daddy's shirt.
  3. Elisabeth in pigtails.
  4. Here, kitty, kitty! (Elisabeth petting Hannah, our newest cat).
  5. How come Achilles can eat the dandelions but you won't let me?
  6. As soon as I figure out how to open this latch, I'm out of here!
  7. This is me with my good friend William at his house.
  8. A personal best time for keeping a hat on!
  9. I really, really would like to pick some of those flowers!
  10. This is me, my Mama, and a bunch of other kids and moms from the September, 1998 e-mail list.
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