August 2000 Photos - Elisabeth Partin
Photos in this month:
  1. Can you hold on a second? I've got another call.
  2. Yeah, they keep putting me in crooked pony tails.
  3. Elisabeth with mama and a cup.
  4. Hamming it up with mama.
  5. On a swim/play date in Santa Fe.
  6. A true water bug!
  7. I have a genetic predisposition for Matchbox cars.
  8. Matchbox cars are nice because you can still play with other toys.
  9. Being friendly with Kitty Supreme.
  10. Will you please read me this book?
  11. I really enjoy reading a good book with my mama.
  12. One, two, three, CHEEEESE!
  13. Nannie and I are enjoying an episode of Blue's Clues.
  14. Now that's funny!
  15. How many pictures do you plan on taking?
  16. Is it okay if I eat this blackberry?
  17. Having a play date with Rachel and Robyn.
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