The images in this archive are available only by downloading Zip files. Some people are unfamiliar with this file format, so we've put together this list of questions and answers.

What is a "Zip File"?

Zip files are "archives" used for distributing and storing files. Zip files contain one or more files. Usually the files "archived" in a Zip are compressed to save space. Zip files make it easy to group files and make transporting and copying these files faster. Using a ZIP file is often easier for users because you only have to perform one download (the zip file) rather than multiple downloads (each image). The single download is also faster because the images inside the Zip file are compressed.

How do I download a Zip File?

You download a Zip file very much like you would download any other file. In this archive, you will see the name of the zip file as a link. Click on the link, and one of two things should happen:

  1. If you have the proper plug-in installed, the plug-in will open and prompt you through the steps of unzipping the file.
  2. You will be prompted to save the file to your hard drive with the file name we have provided. Make a note of where you saved the file.

How do I view the images once I've downloaded the file?

To view the images, you must "unzip" the file. There are a number of ways of doing this, but they all involve downloading a Zip utility. If you haven't done this already, you should, because Zip files are a common file type on the Internet.

Where can I find software to Unzip the Zip File?

There are a lot of software packages you can use to zip and unzip files, including freeware, shareware, and commercial packages. We used to list specific software here, but the links change fairly frequently. You are probably better off doing a search using your favorite search engine for keywords like: "zip utility software". Here's a link to a google search using those keywords: Google search results.

What about viruses?

We scan for viruses regularly on these files before we create the Zip files. You will not get a virus by downloading and unzipping Zip files from our archive.

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