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This site contains recipes posted to the sept98recipes mailing list on We've organized the recipes by topic for browsing. We have occasional themes, so that's the general form for organization. There are also other categories that seem logical. This index page also contains a search form to find recipes containing certain words (results will appear as recipe titles). We've also gathered links to recipe web sites posted by list members.

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Topics [826 total recipes]

General Tips and Hints [9]
Tips and ideas on a number of topics, including candy, cookies, crockpot, leftovers and general kitchen tips.
Appetizers [32]
Finger foods to serve at your next party
Beef Entrees [62]
Hearty main dishes containing beef
Breads [88]
Breads, loafs, sweet and savory muffins, and scones
Cakes [53]
Cakes, frosting, cheesecakes and cupcakes
Candy [41]
Candy and fudge
Chicken Entrees [68]
Entrees and main dishes containing chicken
Cookies [129]
Cookies, bars and brownies
Desserts [47]
All kinds of sweets such as cakes, mousses, sweet breads, sweet muffins, and other sweet snacks
Drinks and Mixes [26]
Various beverages and drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, plus dry mixes
Miscellaneous Entrees [37]
Dishes containing combinations of meat or meat other than beef, chicken or pork
Pastas and Pasta Sauces [33]
Pasta sauces and pasta dishes
Pies and Cobblers [42]
Buckles, cobblers, crisps, pies and tarts
Pork Entrees [35]
Main dish entrees containing pork
Salads [15]
Pasta, bean, and vegetable salads
Salsas, Sauces, Condiments, and Pickles [23]
Spicy and zesty salsas, non-pasta-type sauces, jellies, condiments, and pickles
Side Dishes [34]
Side dishes, generally vegetables
Soups [28]
Hearty and light soups and soup mixes
Vegetarian Entrees [19]
Vegetarian dishes as a main course
Theme: Breakfast/Brunch [81]
Ideas for breakfasts and brunches
Theme: Crockpot Dishes [79]
Dishes that can be cooked in a crockpot.
Theme: Diabetic/Low-Sugar [22]
Recipes with low or no sugar for the needs of diabetics.
Theme: Low-Calorie/Low-Fat [49]
For those times when you want something healthy to cook
Theme: Once a Month Cooking [17]
Recipes that make large batches that freeze well
Theme: One-Dish Dinners [17]
For those times when you would like to avoid a messy kitchen
Theme: Potluck [27]
Crowd-pleasing dishes that transport well
Theme: Christmas/Winter Holidays [110]
Recipes for winter holidays.
Theme: Valentines Day [25]
Recipes for Valentines Day
Theme: Spring [9]
Recipes for spring holidays.
Theme: Halloween [57]
Halloween recipes, plus lots of pumpkin ideas.
Theme: Kids [22]
Recipes kids can enjoy and help create.
Theme: Island [23]
Recipes for island-themed "Survivor" parties.


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