Contributed by Diane S.

3 cups chocolate chips (a 12-oz bag is 2 cups)
1 can condensed (NOT evaporated!) milk
1 teaspoon vanilla

Melt chips.  Add milk and vanilla.  Spread in a 9" square pan.  Cool, cut
and eat!  That's it!

This recipe lends itself to endless variations - use peanut butter chips in
half the recipe and chocolate chips in the other, and then swirl them (a la
marble cake) before they cool.  Use milk chocolate chips and add almonds
and toffee pieces.  Or peanuts and marshmallows.  Or use semi-sweet chips
and add coconut.

Addition from Gina:
I love that recipe!  It is really easy, and comes out great.  Our local
celebrity chef Rachel Ray did a version last year where she used white
chocolate chips and crushed some of those round peppermint candies and
added them.  She poured it into a round pan that she had placed the
sweetened condensed milk can (wrapped in plastic, greased) in the center
of, so that it made a big 'wreath' shape.

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