Veggie/Herb Bouillon
Contributed by Gina

Kosher salt (do NOT use regular iodized table salt)
Carrot tops (yes, the greens)
Assorted fresh green herbs, like:
Other greens, like:
  Turnip greens
  Radish tops

In a wide mouth glass quart jar, layer a thin layer (about 1/16th inch)
of kosher salt, then add a layer about 3/4 inch of finely chopped carrot
tops, or other green stuff as above.  Add another layer of kosher salt,
and continue building layers in the jar.  You can do this over time, as
you have scraps of greens or you can do it all at once.  Leave the jar
uncovered in a dry warm place, a sunny windowsill is good, but any dry
place is fine.  Let the mixture dry out and settle, you'll probably see
some liquid at the bottom, but that is fine.  If you like you can do it
all at once and dry it in the oven, low temp about 175-200 and spread on
a cookie sheet.  Just use the jar to get the salt/greens proportions and
mix it up before you throw it in the oven.

Don't be shy about using the carrot tops - they give the best veggie
flavor, lots of body and depth that really makes the whole thing work.

The bouillon can be used anywhere you'd use salt in a savory dish.  It
makes a great addition to soup, gravy, eggs - really gives a nice full
flavor to stuff.
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