Christmas Pudding
Contributed by Diane S.

Makes 2, each pudding serves 8

110g Plain flour
1/2 tsp Ground mixed spice
1/4 tsp Grated nutmeg
225g Fresh breadcrumbs
275g Shredded suet
225g Soft brown sugar
350g Raisins
350g Sultanas
50g Mixed peel, chopped
50g Walnuts or blanched almonds
1 small Orange, zest only
4 Eggs, beaten
50 ml Brandy or dry sherry
1/2 tsp Almond essence
150 ml Milk

Sift flour, spice and nutmeg into a large bowl. Add breadcrumbs, suet,
sugar, raisins, sultanas, peel, nuts and orange zest. Mix well.

Combine the mix with the eggs, brandy or sherry, almond essence and milk.

Divide the mixture between two greased 1.1 litre (2 pint) pudding basins.
Cover with buttered greaseproof paper or foil. Pleat once to allow the
pudding to rise.

Secure with string. Use extra string to make a handle for ease of removal.
Place in a steamer over a pan of boiling water and cover. Steam steadily
for 6 hours, replacing the water as it boils away.

Remove from the steamer, leave until cold. Cover with foil. Store in a cool

To serve: cover and steam for 2 hours. Turn out on to a warm dish. Serve
with brandy butter, fresh cream or custard.

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