Decorating Cupcakes for Halloween
Contributed by Diane S.
Source: BH&G Birthday and Family Celebrations

Witch's Pussycat:

For ears, bend hollow licorice twists; insert one end of toothpick in hollow,
other end in cupcake. Eyes are a black jellybean, halved lengthwise. Add red
gumdrops nose, licorice strips for whiskers.

Hooty Owl:

Eye outlines are "peel" cut from two orange jellied fruit slices. His owlish
eyes are orange pumpkin candies; snip of candy orange slice makes beak.

Little Good Witch:

Use licorice twist for hat and curls. (make hat crown like cat's ears, but
larger.) Add bit of jellied fruit slice for mouth, halved licorice drop for
eyes, a candy-coated licorice stick for nose.

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