Using Cake Mixes to Create Desserts
Contributed by Susan

An article in our local paper discussed using cake mixes to create desserts.
It featured a fun-sounding cookbook called "The Cake Mix Doctor" (Workman,
$14.95) about using boxed cake mixes to create even better desserts. They
say the problem with boxed mixes is that they contain artificial ingredients
like vanillin instead of pure vanilla. By adding fresh ingredients to it,
you can improve the taste. They also say the key is not ever using canned
frosting. Why use mixes at all? They're easy, and they're well-tested, so
it's hard to screw up. I just thought the whole thing sounded really fun!

Additional tips:
* Always keep on hand two devil's food cake mixes, two yellow cake
mixes, one spice mix, one lemon mix and one orange mix, and you will
have an almost limitless repertoire of desserts.
* Experiment with different brands - some yellow mixes have a coconut
overtone, one white mix has a cherry taste.
* Don't use a mix with pudding inside if you're using a recipe that
calls for instant pudding as an ingredient - the pudding-inside cakes
will turn out heavier and wetter.
* Use regular salted butter to balance the high sugar content of cake
mixes and give a more homemade taste. If you must use margarine for
health reasons, make sure it is stick style and has more than 65 percent
vegetable oil.

Two recipes are discussed:
Fresh Orange Cake
Better Than Sex Cake
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