Un-Sloppy Joes (Vegan)
Contributed by Cathy
from Real Food for Real People

3      cups          Spaghetti Sauce -- (no sugar added kind)
1      cup           Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) 
                     (Meg also suggests tempeh)
1      teaspoon      Garlic Powder
1/2    teaspoon      Onion Powder
1/4    teaspoon      Black Pepper
1      teaspoon      Vinegar
3      dashes        Mrs. Dash seasoning
24     squares       Saltine Crackers

Pour sauce into large sauce pan and start to cook at medium heat. Add all
ingredients except crackers and stir well. The TVP will take about 5-10
minutes to absorb the sauce. When it gets completely moistened and has taken
in most of the juice, crumble the crackers and add them to the pan.

These are great served on buns like traditional Sloppy Joes, or on split
rolls of your choice.

Jo's version:

I can sloppy joe sauce 
enough veggie burgers to equal the can servings, cooked and crumbled. 
Mix and serve.

Major chains sell frozen GardenBurgers, Morning Star burgers, and Green Giant 
Burgers, as well as plain old veggie burger crumbles.

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