General Potluck Ideas:

Cucumber sandwiches (small rye bread, cream cheese, cucumber slices, or 
use regular bread and cut off crusts to create small shape)

Cherry tomato, bacon and cheddar cheese cubes (cook the bacon, wrap
it around the cheese cube, then stick a tooth pick through it and put half
of the tomato on top)

Fruit salad (cut up fresh fruit and mix with lemon juice to prevent 
browning. Good ideas for fruit include melon, pitted cherries, berries, 
pears, apples, orange sections, kiwi piecces, bananas (if used soon))

Crudite (cut up raw vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, 
radishes, jicama) and serve with dip such as ranch dressing, sour cream, 
cottage cheese, plain yogurt)

Brownies (from a mix)
September 98 Recipes