Aphids Communications

Aphids Communications, L.L.C. is a web site development and software development company founded in 1997 by Susan Brumbaugh and Stan Taylor. We have been developing web sites and web-based applications together since early 1995 and decided to create a development team to take advantage of their complementary skills.

Why the name? We both have Ph.D.s and wanted the company name to somehow reflect our levels of education. Aphids seemed like a good choice because it contains the letters "Ph.D." The company's unofficial lame motto: The bugs are in our name, not in our work!

Although we live in different locations, the Internet allows us to work together collaboratively as well as to work with clients located anywhere (in fact, we'd never met in person until over two years after we founded Aphids together).

As co-owners of Aphids Communications, we work well together on projects because our academic and professional backgrounds have prepared us well for collaborative work, and our technical skills have developed in very complementary ways.

Susan Brumbaugh completed her Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of California, Riverside in March, 1995. Susan has been designing web pages since February of 1995 and has developed a wide array of design, writing and research skills. She has worked with computers and provided technical and user support in a university setting since 1990. To learn more about Susan, please visit her personal web site.

Stan Taylor completed his Ph.D. in German cultural studies and translation theory at The University of Texas at Austin in 1997. As a software quality assurance engineer, Stan also works in web application development. Stan brings to Aphids Communications experience in web site design and development, programming, graphic design and copywriting. More information about Stan is available at his personal web site and in his resume.

You can contact us by telephone at (512) 666-1010 or by email at info@aphids.com.