Breakfast Sandwich


2 slices bread, toasted
We generally use sourdough, liight if available. It's really good with fresh-baked bread, especially gourmet types, but make sure the ingredients are not "sweet." Before we got fat-conscious, we really liked to use pepper-parmesan bread from a local bakery.
1 wedge Laughing Cow Cheese
This is the spreadable processed, swiss cheese, in little wedges. We like the light better than the regular. We've tried other brands, but they're just not right. You can find it in the specialty cheese section (near the deli) at some grocery stores and sometimes at Super Walmart.
1/2 cup cottage cheese, small curd
I really like Breakstone's or Knudsen's cottage cheese. It's honestly the best I've ever tasted, and it's not at all runny or watery. I generally get the fat-free, which tastes great. If I'm using another brand, I get 4% or low-fat.


This "breakfast sandwich" is what my husband and I eat nearly every day for breakfast. (except when he makes pancakes from scratch on occasional Sundays). We even make sure our families have the proper ingredients on hand when we visit!

This tradition started when I was in Germany in 1993. Those continental breakfasts often came with that really hard on the outside bread (breakfast bricks, I called them), and little processed cheese wedges, in various flavors. I loved that stuff, so when I got home, I attempted to duplicate this breaksfast. The only cheese I could find in the U.S. that came close to the flavor of those German wedges is Laughing Cow Cheese. I started out spreading it on toasted bagels, and it eventually evolved into the "breakfast sandwich."


While the bread is still warm, spread the (unwrapped) wedge of cheese on one slice of bread. Top that with the cottage cheese and then place the second slice of bread on top. Make sure you serve it on a plate, since the cottage cheese sometimes drips out. Serve while still warm. Makes one sandwich.

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