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Friday (2/25/05)

7:00 PM: It's been a pretty good day for Sophie today. We checked with the doctor to see if we could stop giving her a couple of medications (Fluconizole and Nexium) now that she's done with her first course of treatment. He said that those had been prescribed primarily to deal with the effects of being on steroids (that she's no longer taking). We're happy to reduce the number of medicines we have to give her each day.

Susan and Sophie took a field trip today and ran some errands out and about (all involving drive-throughs, since her blood counts are probably still low). She was happy to get out of the house and took a long nap afterwards. She was a total crab when she woke up (especially after we told her we weren't going to make more "hopcorn" right before dinner). She's not used to hearing "no" lately, so she really pitched a fit. She's happily playing with her sister right now though.