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Friday PM (2/11/05)

9:00 PM: Sophie continued to have fevers in the hospital most of the day today (and her most recent fever really didn't go down much, even after taking Tylenol), which means we'll definitely be pushing back when she can be released from the hospital. The cultures continue to show no bacteria growth, so there's no good explanation for the fevers. Her doctor suggested that she might have the flu and tested her for that, but it came back negative. Sophie definitely seemed more tired and more uncomfortable today.

The unpredictability and total uncertainty of our situation really hit home with both of us today, and it's been really emotionally draining. We are both planners by nature, and that doesn't work well with this phase of her treatment. Tonight, Randall's mom is staying with Sophie in the hospital, while Randall, Susan, and Elisabeth spend some quality time together at home. Karin heads home tomorrow afternoon.