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Saturday 6:30 (2/26/05)

6:30 PM: The area around Sophie's chest catheter is red and looks a little infected to us, so we called our nurse friend Carole to come look at it. She said it was hard to tell, and she thought we should call the doctor. We did, and they said we should take her to an emergency room to have it looked at, and that we could choose whether to go to a local emergency room or drive in to UNC. We're going to take her to UNC, since the doctors are right there, and they have a separate pediatric emergency room. Since we're not sure what her blood counts are and how vulnerable she is to infection right now, it's probably a good idea to reduce exposure wherever possible. We don't know yet how they'll handle it if the line is infected. They mentioned giving her IV antibiotics, but we don't know whether they would have to admit her or not. We'll take an overnight bag just in case. Other than that, she's been doing well--no constipation or fevers.