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Sunday AM (2/13/05)

10:00 AM: Sophie had another fever at midnight. The doctors are certain it's a virus and are going to stop taking new blood cultures, since none of the ones they've taken so far (one every day we've been here) have shown anything. Unfortunately, her ANC is back down to 0 (from a high of .3, which is still quite low). Her platelets and red blood counts are going up though, so that's good. If her ANC is above .5 tomorrow and she doesn't have a fever overnight, she can go home tomorrow. If it's below .5, we'll be here through at least Tuesday after her chemo (we'd have to come back for the chemo anyhow, so that's just as well). We just have to hope that the virus runs its course and the fever stays down. She's definitely on the crabby side this morning.