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Tuesday (2/1/05)

We're home!!! Sophie had chemo yesterday, and the preliminary results of her spinal tap looked good. We're supposed to hear back about the bone marrow biopsy today, but if it shows no leukemia, she won't have to have another spinal tap until the end of February. She'll have the IV chemo every Tuesday through the end of the month. They gave her a red blood cell transfusion because the red count is likely to drop low this week, and they wanted to avoid having us come all the way back just for that. She's at risk of infection right now, so we're keeping her at home until her blood counts improve (and no one can visit if they have a cold). We came home pretty late last night, and we have a fistful of prescriptions to get filled. The home health care nurse will come tomorrow (and three times a week after that) to give us supplies for taking care of her chest catheter and to continue teaching us how to do it ourselves.