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Tuesday 4:00 (2/22/05)

4:00 PM: Sophie is home from clinic, and she is doing well. The red blood cell transfusion definitely perked her up. It turns out that the only chemo she got today was through the spinal tap. She didn't have to do the two IV chemo drugs she had been getting every week. We're thankful for that, because it will mean she has more energy over the next couple of days, and her blood counts should recover more quickly.

We had a good talk with the nurse practitioner while we were there. Assuming that the lab confirms the preliminary results of Sophie's bone marrow test (showing very little cancer), they will test her blood weekly on Mondays until her counts are back to normal. She'll then begin the next round of treatment, called "consolidation." We'll get more details over the next few days, but it will continue to involve weekly clinic visits on Tuesdays, and we'll be injecting one of the chemo drugs in her catheter at home.