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Wednesday 2:00 (2/16/05)

2:00 PM: Wondering what's taking so long with the update today? We have a good excuse! Sophie was released from the hospital today, and we just got home. What a relief. Her ANC was 0 this morning, but the rest of her counts were either stable or slightly higher. Since she'd been fever-free for 72 hours and they know we can take good care of her at home and will call if she gets another fever, the doctors said she can come home. We're going to be very cautious about visitors for the next few days.

Her energy level is pretty good. Even though she had chemo yesterday, she actually walked the loop around the entire 5th floor twice last night, and it was her idea. She took more steps on that little outing than all the walking she's done since the diagnosis. We were so proud of her! We're hoping she'll be eager to walk and play here at home too.