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Wednesday (2/2/05)

We spoke to Sophie's oncologist today, and he said the results of her bone marrow biopsy weren't as good as they had hoped, but they did show great improvement, so he's not too concerned. He said the results showed that Leukemia cells are still taking up 40% of her bone marrow. They'll go ahead and do another spinal tap and bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday in addition to the chemo she already had scheduled for that day. The results of next week's biopsy and another test they'll run on the 28th day of treatment will determine the intensity and length of the next set of treatments. We're also scheduled to take her in to UNC on Friday to do some bloodwork, since her blood still doesn't seem to be clotting normally.

Sophie was not terribly fond of the home health care nurse, but it seems like we've got most of what we have to do under control, so it doesn't look like the nurse will come that often.

She had her first bath at home. She definitely handled it better than she did at the hospital. Sophie is very sensitive about having her chest exposed, and is espeically agitated during her bath. We bought some plastic-backed bibs, which not only keep her covered and more comfortable, they keep the catheter dressing from getting wet.

Sophie slept during most of the day. She was usually up for about an hour watching TV or eating and then took 2-3 hour naps. She did manage to climb up on the couch all by herself (rather than being carried everywhere), so she is starting to feel more independent.

The steroid Sophie is on has definitely affected her appetite. She has now switched from nonstop requests for cheetos and chicken soup to popcorn and cheese grits.