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Wednesday (2/9/05)

We're back in the hospital. We noticed late this morning that Sophie was running a fairly high temperature (over 101), so we called the doctor, and they said to bring her in and pack a bag in case they needed to admit her. On the drive in to the hospital, Susan was so distracted, she forgot to take the exit to I-40 from I-95 and nearly drove to Virginia before she realized it!

When we got to the clinic at 1:30, she was not running a temperature at all (that figures!), but they said they wanted to admit her anyhow. They gave her two antibiotics through her IV while we waited for a room. By the time we got to her room at 5:30, her temperature was over 101 again. Randall headed home at around 6:30, and Susan will spend the night with Sophie. They will hold Sophie in the hospital for at least 48 hours, so we hope to be out by Friday night. Karin is taking care of Elisabeth at home, and we're all over the stomach flu.

She's been in a good mood all afternoon and has hardly fussed. She's still not asleep now, and it's nearly 9:00. Shouldn't be long now.

We happen to be in the same room we were in before (thank goodness, because it's a big one!), and the phone number is the same, for those who still have it from before. Otherwise, call us at home or leave a message on my cell phone and we'll get you the number. Wish us luck!