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2:35 PM (Randall posting): Sophie is napping (I think) after a pretty uneventful trip to the clinic today. Elisabeth went to work with Susan and I took Sophie to the clinic (my first visit in a while), so we all had an early morning (we were on the road by 6:45 at least). Sedations were running late again at the clinic, but Sophie was #4 on the list this morning, thanks to our early start. The blood count from this morning was good--no transfusion today. In fact, her platelet count was up, which explains why the bruising seemed to be going away. Sophie is definitely neutropenic now, so we will need to take extra precautions with her immune system. Fortunately, Elisabeth is home from school this week, so we can all get into the habit of practicing good hygiene such as washing hands and so forth. The doctors used the same sedative from last week (that Sophie reacted badly to), but there were no fireworks today. In fact, it took her quite a while to wake up while the two kids after her (both boys) were waking up as they were being carried in. Once she woke up and had some cheese grits and orange juice, we were ready for the chemo in her IV (vincristine) and we were on our way. Sophie slept the whole way home and has been resting on the couch since we got home. She is stirring now, so I'll go tend to her. Take care!


Hi to everyone-
Your postings have been so helpful and uplifting. You guys really seem to have it together and are working it out so well. I'm sure there are times when you are both stretched much too thin. Just know that there are lots of people, in lots of places praying for you all.
My best to Miss Elizabeth and her injuries. Miss Sophie continues in our prayers.
Love Jean and the boys.