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4:00 PM: It was a longer day than we expected, but we're finally home. The clinic called yesterday to say they would be starting the anesthesia procedures an hour later and that we should plan to arrive at 7:45 instead of 7:15. We left the house at 6:30 and got a ways down the road, only to discover we left the blankie at home. Not having the blankie would have been a big problem, so we turned around to get it. It was 6:45 when we left the house the second time, and this meant we hit rush hour traffic. Sophie got checked in at 8:20, but by that time, there were 12 other kids in front of her. Because her tummy was pretty empty from the previous night's adventure (combined with not being able to eat or drink prior to surgery), her blood sugar dropped while we were waiting. She fell asleep a couple of times and started sweating a lot. They hooked her up to an IV with saline and dextrose, and she got back to normal levels. She finally had her spinal tap at about noon and woke up very quickly after the procedure. She immediately drank two boxes of juice and all the pepperoni from a slice of pizza. The great news is that Sophie's blood levels haven't dropped yet (ANC was 1.5 this week--twice what it was last week), so we can continue to socialize for a few more days. I took Sabine to a Japanese restaurant for lunch, where she tried sushi for the first time (and liked it!). Then we stopped by Sophie's old day care in Durham to say hi to Lottie and her kids. She had a great time seeing her friends.


We are all keeping you in our prayers and thoughts all the children are talking about seeing Sophie on friday we have been hearing all about it from the parents this week .We are glad to hear that things went sorta well today minus the blankie mishap please give Sophie hugs and kisses for us . love ms dawn ,ms maria

What GREAT news about Sophie's ANC count! Glad to hear she was ready to eat after her procedure. She seems to be adjusting well to her routine. We will continue to pray for you and am so happy she is able to be "out and about" for a while longer. Hope Elisabeth is doing well.