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8:30 PM: It was a cold and rainy day (or should I say, "It was a dark and stormy night..."). That didn't stop us from getting out today. We did go out for a quick lunch and a trip to the grocery store, dashing through the rain each time. Randall administered her IV chemo tonight, and she took the rest of her medicine. Dr. Gold said we could try cutting out the Lasix for a while to see how her blood pressure responds, so that's one less medicine she has to take twice a day.

Elisabeth got her report card today, and she made straight A's again, all A+'s this time. We're glad her grades haven't suffered with all the extra stress. Sabine made an excellent dinner tonight--quesadillas with homemade salsa and guacamole. She'll head home tomorrow, and we will definitely miss her. It was wonderful to reconnect with her and watch her bond with the girls. We're definitely looking forward to her next visit.

We have an update on Haley (Elisabeth's classmate and friend who had a brain tumor). She came home from the hospital late Monday night and is doing very well at home. She's on the same steroid Sophie was and is already starting to have an increased appetite. We're hoping to go visit her in the next day or two.