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7:30 PM: We had a busy day today, and Sophie handled it well. We headed out to lunch and then went to Walmart. It was the first time Sophie was able to go inside since her diagnosis (usually, her counts had been down, so she had to wait inside the minivan with mama or daddy). Elisabeth had pictures at the dance studio, and while we were there, Sophie got to see one of the teachers from Sophie's school, Ms. Cindy. Randall is giving the girls a bath, and we'll give Sophie her chemo (Ara-C) shortly. This will be the last dose for the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow is also her last dose of Mercaptopurine for a couple of weeks. Now that she's off the Lasix, that will mean no medicine at home on most days (she takes Septra M-W). As always, please feel free to post a comment. We love to hear from our friends and family.


It was good to hear that Sophie was able to be in public for a while longer hope her counts continue to be up and we are hoping that she will be able to come to our easter picnic at daycare god bless your family