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4:00 PM: Sophie is back from the clinic and napping. The clinic called last night to let us know they were starting at 9:00 instead of 7:30, so we left later than normal. That meant we ran into traffic, and it was nearly 2 hours door to door, and she was pretty far down the list for procedures again. They gave her fluids right away, so it was fine to wait. The results of her blood text showed that her ANC (which shows risk of infection) was even higher than last week at 2.2, while her hemoglobin and platelets were low (but not at the point of transfusion yet). She went in for her spinal tap (methotrexate in her spinal fluid), and it turned out that they gave her the asparaginase shots while she was under sedation (which is wonderful, because apparently they're quite painful). They gave her vincristine through her IV shortly after she woke up. Unfortunately, she had a negative reaction to the sedative they gave her (the sedative was Propofol). It was quite similar to the paradoxical reaction she had to benadryl the night she was first diagnosed. She was very agitated and occasionally hysterical, with brief periods of calmness. Any little thing would set her off, and it lasted about 2 hours. It was very upsetting. It eventually wore off, and she was fine on the way home. We'll be sure to mention it next week, and they can explore either using a different type of sedation or adding another medicine to it.

Elisabeth is doing well today. She is able to walk on her bad foot and is planning to go to dance class tonight. We'll hang out, just in case it's too much and she needs to cut out early. We have an appointment to see the orthopedist tomorrow morning for follow-up on her broken finger.


Hi, now Randall won't be disappointed because there are no comments! I am thankful that Sophie's ANC is continuing to be in the acceptable range. I am not at all surprised the her hCT and platelets are low. I could see how pale she was and the bruises on her ankles. I also am thankful that Sophie was given her shots while she was still sedated. I am sorry that she had a paradoxical reaction to the sedation. I am not familar with this drug, but I will find out about it. Since I don't know about the drug now, I do not know any substitutes. When I learn what it is, I will see if there are alternatives to use in its place. I am sorry that Sophie had this reaction. I know how upsetting it is when she cries like that especially when you know that it really isn't her nature to behave that way.

I am happy that Elisabeth was able to walk today. I was concerned that she couldn't bear weight on it yesterday. It must feel pretty good to go to dance class. I still would ask the orthopedist to look at the leg and foot films anyway. There might be a hairline fracture. I do hope she continues to remember that when you tell her not to do things because she may get hurt, that she will remember this incident and obey. Elisabeth told me on Sunday night that she was NEVER going to disobey again when you said that things might hurt her. I asked if I could remind her of that from time to time.

Take care. I will be in touch about the medication- later today if the babies and ER behave. Love, Eileen

im glad everything went well today and that elisabeth is feeling better if there is anything i can do please let me know Dawn

I am so sorry you had to go through that ordeal. Poor Sophie doesn't understand why she is reacting the way she does. I know that it is hard to deal with this, as it puts added stress on you in an already stressful situation. Hopefully, this will all be over sooner than later and, thankfully, you do not have to go everyday. As a commuter to Raleigh everyday, I know how terrible the traffic can be at that time of the morning. Hope you have a better day on Wednesday and that dance class went well. Remember we are always keeping you our thoughts and prayers.

I've always heard when it rains it pours and I'm sure your family is ready for some sunshine to break through. I hope that Elisabeth has a speedy recovery from her accident and that Sophie will get along well this time after the treament. Hang in there Susan and Randall, you have alot of people lifting all of you guys up in prayer daily. Love and prayers, Deanna Tew