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2:30 PM: Sophie doesn't seem to be suffering any side effects from yesterday's treatment and is having a good day. She got to go spend a few hours with a neighbor (Ms. Enid, whose birthday is today!), while I took Elisabeth to her doctor appointment. Sophie had a fantastic time and informed Ms. Enid that she did not need to take a nap, because her nap time is at 3:15 (I have no idea where she got that). She is already napping on the couch now, with her thumb firmly planted in her mouth.

The doctor we saw today said that the radiology report from the hospital didn't show she had any breaks at all, but that it's hard to tell with kid x-rays sometimes. He gave her an examination, and based on where she says it hurts and the bruising pattern, he says it's possible she has minor breaks in her foot and her finger. He wants to treat them as if they're broken and check her again in a couple of weeks. She is now wearing a boot on her left foot and a splint on her left hand (the ring and pinky fingers are taped together). Both can come off for baths, and she won't wear the boot when she's sleeping. On her next visit (Monday 4/4), they will check to see if there's evidence of calcification in the x-rays (that would indicate healing from a break). If there's no calcification, everything can come off; otherwise the boot and splint will be continued.