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3/30/05 5:30

5:27 PM (Randall posting): We spent much of the day in the ER at Betsy Johnson here in Dunn. Sophie was mostly fine, although she did throw up again at the hospital, probably while Susan was typing the earlier entry! She took a nap after that and they administered some more Zofran (anti-nausea) directly in her IV. She also received a quick dose of fluids.

We've discovered that emergency rooms usually mean a whole lot of waiting around and Betsy Johnson did not disappoint. It turns out we were waiting because UNC wanted to send down their own EMT crew, so we had to wait for the crew to make the 1 1/2 hour trip down from Chapel Hill. Once they arrived, things got to moving pretty quickly and they left for UNC around 3:15 this afternoon.

Although Sophie seemed fine, it was very hard to see her loaded up on a gurney and carted away in an ambulance with the lights flashing (no siren). Susan left before the EMTs so Sophie wouldn't be without a parent for long in the emergency room. At this point, we have no news from UNC, and honestly it's hard to know what to expect. Sophie seems fine, and all the blood work and tests they ran today in the ER were unremarkable.

Elisabeth is back home with me (she was not happy about that, to tell the truth), but we will stay here and hold down the fort. Best case scenario is that UNC runs tests on Sophie and sends her back home later tonight.


I am so sorry to hear about Sophie god is watching over her and we will continue to pray for her and your family thank you so much for the updates we are all so concerned and grateful to know what is going on