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3/30/05 7:00

7:00 PM (Randall posting): Susan called and said that she was still waiting for Sophie to get a CT scan. The doctors will be looking for any swelling (of the brain, I guess) or bleeding, either of which can cause nausea and passing out. This is a potential side effect of the chemotherapy, although since Sophie is on such a new protocol, they seem to not know exactly what to expect and seem to be erring on the side of caution (the doctors told Susan that he thought it unlikely that they will find something given Sophie's track record with these drugs and her current phase of treatment). Looks like it will be another long and anxious night!


My heart sank earlier today when Susan posted about Sophie's illness. I am glad to hear that UNC sent its own team to transport Sophie, who is probably more familiar with children in Sophie's situation. Sorry it took so long.

I have passed along the news to my prayer chain and everyone is praying and lifting all of you up. Remember you are not alone in this. If Sophie spends the night at UNC, I will be glad to go tomorrow and sit with Susan as I have the day off. Thanks for the updates and hope the news continues to be good news.

Hey you guys, I just got caught up on Sophie's last few days. Just wanted to let youall know that we are thinking about you. Here's a big hug for each of you!! Our Best Wishes and Support are always with youall. Hang in There!