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March 17, 2005

10:50PM (Randall posting): Sophie had a great day today. We spent part of the morning getting ready to take Sabine to the airport, and in spite of some wintry weather, we got Sabine to RDU in plenty of time. Sophie was pretty sad to see her go (we all were), but she cheered up when she realized we would have lunch with Susan. We all ate at a deli near Susan's work, and of course Susan had to show Sophie off for her co-workers! On the way home from lunch Sophie fell asleep in the car and did not complain when I laid her down on the couch to continue her nap. Later this afternoon Eileen came, and we have had a good, quiet evening at home. At one point, Sophie wanted to show Sabine something new she had received from Eileen and kept calling "Sapina, Sapina" until I reminded her that Sabine went home to Texas. Mostly a pretty uneventful day (thankfully!).