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Monday 1:30 (3/7/05)

1:30 PM: The results of Sophie's blood test from this morning are in. In order to begin the procedures tomorrow, her ANC needs to be .75; as of this morning, Sophie's ANC was .76. Because her level is so close to the cut point, they want us to bring her in to the clinic tomorrow morning, where they will run another blood test. If her ANC is still above .75, they will proceed with the spinal tap and chemo. Otherwise, we'll just bring her back home. Susan will be handling Sophie during the day tomorrow.


Praise the Lord for Sophie's ANC count!
Love, Eileen

I really appreciate the updates about Sophie's progress and your entire family's activities. There are people praying for her here at the college and, through your daily entries, I know that many of us are learning from Sophie as well. I updated Joel M. (Colorado) about Sophie's illness and he sends his regards. I will add her name to the prayer list at Curves this week. Peace & Grace, Matteel (Deneen)