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Sunday (3/6/05)

5:00 PM: It's been another good day. One of Sophie's former day care teachers (Ms. Maria) came to stay with her today while Randall, Susan, and Elisabeth went to church. Tiffney did a great job preaching, and we all enjoyed the support of our church family. We had naps this afternoon (some of us did, at least), played outside, and we're now working on dinner. Randall's leading a bible study at church tonight, and Elisabeth wanted to go. We're thinking about taking Sophie too and have Susan hold her away from the group. Everyone really wants to see Sophie, and Susan has been missing bible study.

We're looking forward to seeing tomorrow's blood test results. If her white count is high enough, we'll start chemo again on Tuesday. One of the medicines can cause damage to the bladder, so she has to be extra-hydrated before they inject it into her line, and then they have to continue pumping fluids after the medicine is done. It's an all-day affair. Randall is handling his first funeral on Tuesday afternoon, so if we do head to the clinic, he'll take her in the morning, and then we'll switch off.

We're going to try activating the "comments" feature of this weblog. This allows visitors to leave comments in response to entries. We're hoping this will allow Sophie's friends and family to communicate more easily with us and each other.


Hi. We check on Sophie's progress everyday. She is still in our thoughts and prayers. Just Wednesday night at church when Hannah (4) was praying she prayed for Sophie to get better. Haley talks with Elisabeth daily at school and she loves to talk about her sister to Haley. We admire your courage and strength which I know comes from up above. We will continue to pray. Laura

We love and pray for Sophie everyday! Can't wait to see you on Friday. Look forward to spending time with all of you

It pleases me so to hear about the times that are more "normal" life in the family. I am sure that those days you can almost forget that Sophie has been diagnosed with ALL. I have added Sophie's name to yet another prayer list at Pinto Mennonite Church, in Pinto, MD. I join you in prayer for the beginning of the second phase of therapy for Sophie.

I know and understand that the entire congregation desires to see Sophie. It is difficult to balance that need with the need to protect her from illness. I also know from personal experience with another one of my grandchildren, that children (infants) can pick up illness that cause them to be very sick because folks do not think clearly before looking at and touching infants and children when the adults or other chldren are sick themselves. I will pray that wisdom is used by the congregation when approaching Sophie. Know that I continue to speak health, healing, and wholeness over Sophie and our entire family. I greatly appreciate the updates that you post daily. I feel that someday it will be very meaningful to Sophie. Love, Eileen