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Thursday PM (3/10/05)

8:12PM: (Randall posting) We had a really good day today. Sophie took a nice nap this afternoon and was quite cheerful when she woke up. She and I picked Elisabeth up at after-school care, did a little grocery shopping at the Grocery Barn and came back home again. Once Susan came home from work, we administered Sophie's chemo (all of us--we each did a little bit). Sophie's teacher from daycare, Dawn, then came by and visited for a while. She even brought her dog, Lucky. Elisabeth and Sophie enjoyed the dog. As I posted earlier, we had been looking forward to Family Night and it was such a pleasure to see Sophie and Elisabeth running around with all the other kids. I don't think there was a single person who didn't get "flashed" by Sophie showing her tail and her band-aid! We're grateful to be a part of such a supportive community, and we're grateful that, for now, Sophie is able to go out and be among people.


It was great to see Sophie this evening and she is looking GREAT i was amazed at how much energy she seemed to have and her smile is just contagious i am greatful to be able to be a part of Sophies life we are blessed to know her and your family and we all wish her well thanks again

Praise the Lord! Love, Eileen