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Tuesday AM (3/8/05)

10:00 AM: (Randall posting) The clinic did not bother to check Sophie's counts this morning and she will be moving forward with the next phase of treatment (consolidation). Today she will get yet another spinal tap (with a dose of chemo thrown in for good measure) and a new chemotherapy drug that requires several hours of IV fluid before it can be administered. She will also start two additional drugs once she gets home (one of which is an IV drug that we will need to administer at home--pray for us!).

5:30 AM: We're heading to the clinic shortly. For those of you who may check in occasionally today, we'll post an update as soon as we get home. if you don't see an update by late afternoon, then it's likely they decided to do the procedure.


Susan, I am thinking of you and Sophie today, and hope that it all goes well. Thanks so much for doing this website - it is so nice to keep track of what is going on. Thanks also for posting the link to your website - I checked out the wedding pics and recipes! My husband is teaching political science at UF, and we got married in Santa Fe (we went to 10,000 Waves on the morning of our wedding!), so it was neat to hear about your experiences and see pictures. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.