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11:20 AM: We're back from the clinic. We arrived just after 8:00 this morning (lots of traffic with the drizzling rain we're having), and they took a blood sample. There was no change in her ANC from Monday (it was still .6, and it needed to be at least .75), so we will wait until next week to see if her counts are high enough to proceed with chemo. She fell asleep during the last 20 minutes of the ride, so I carefully brought inside and laid her down on the couch, but I can hear her humming in the other room, so I suppose I'll pull together some lunch and see if I can get her to take a nap after a little while. I could use one myself!


Glad you had a good trip and that Sophie was able to sleep for a while. It is a good day to sleep with the rain and it is dark outside. Another week of quiet will be good for all of you. Thanks for the update, we continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.