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4/13/05 PM

8:00 PM: Sophie and I both took a long nap today (I slept for about two hours, and she slept for three). Elisabeth stayed with our friend Shannon after school today, since we weren't sure yesterday how late the chemo might go. Even though I was home this afternoon, we let Elisabeth go spend time with Shannon's girls, because she would have been disappointed not to go (thanks Shannon!). Randall's evening class was cancelled, so he was able to come home in time for dinner. It's nice to sit together at the table (even if we're just eating leftovers!). Randall is giving the girls a bath, and they will head to bed soon.

Randall's sermon during worship at Duke today went very well. He said he was very nervous, but he got lots of positive feedback after it was over. His stress level was pretty high today, so we are looking forward to relaxing tonight.


GOOD JOB RANDALL! I am so proud of you. We're in the middle of watching American Idol and I snuck in here to catch up on your week and it seems you all are "chillin" which is a good thing to do. We are continuing to think of youall each and every day. Give the girls a hug. :-)

We really enjoy having Elisabeth come over she is such a sweetie! It also gives Meagan a break from playing with Jami. So sorry about the green finger. Randall said it was bath night anyway. Hope Sophie is able to go to family night tonight! If so see you all there!