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8:45 PM: It was a somewhat stressful day (though not due to any health events). Randall managed to find some time to file (electronically) our taxes today. That's stressful enough under normal circumstances, but there are days that we are just on our last nerve. Sophie was particularly demanding today, and, as Randall put it, she nearly drove him off a flippin' cliff. I had to leave for work early this morning, and today was picture day for Elisabeth. Randall tells me he never, ever, wants to use a curling iron on Elisabeth's hair again. I guess that wasn't a fun experience. As daddies go, I think he generally does a great job fixing the girls' hair, but apparently that's where he draws the line. We took both girls to family night tonight (once a month, the women of the church provide a meal and we have an enjoyable evening of fellowship). I stopped on the way home from work to pick up some wonderful desserts from Whole Foods (what an amazing place that is). Luckily, there were leftovers, so we'll be enjoying cake for a few more days. The girls decided they want to sleep in the same bed tonight (it's a full-size bed), and they are chattering away with each other at the moment. It will be lights-out soon.