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10:00 PM (Randall posting): Susan and I had a great time at the party (I worked on my sermon on the way up) and it sounds like the girls had a wonderful time with Ms Dawn (THANK YOU!). They got to go to McDonald's, which is always a treat. I was very surprised to hear that both girls went to bed with minimal fuss. We'll need to check and see which girl is sleeping in which bed since there has been a great deal of "bed shopping" lately with all sorts of different configurations (including Elisabeth in the toddler bed!).

Everyone keeps asking how Sophie is doing, and she's doing great. Not having chemo for two weeks straight will certainly perk you up. Then again, we are really hoping that her counts will be strong enough on Monday to resume treatment on Tuesday. I think I'm on deck this week, so say a prayer for all of us!


I'm so happy you and Susan were able to "get away." Sounds like you guys had a great time.