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4:30 PM: Today has been another good day. We were all able to go to church today, and it was a special day since a baby in our congregation (Anna Grayce) was baptized. Anna's mom is Shannon, who teaches at Elisabeth's school, so there were some extra familiar faces there today (Elisabeth was thrilled to see Ms. Lee, who handles after-school care). Both of Sophie's former daycare teachers joined us today too (coincidentally), so it was just a "teacher" day for our kids. Sophie enjoyed seeing Ms. Maria, in particular (I guess Ms. Dawn was "old news", having just babysat the night before). Speaking of babysitting, Ms. Dawn is coming again tonight while we go to Bible study, and then we'll head out to sushi in Fayetteville from there (it's good, really!).

Tomorrow is a teacher workday, so Elisabeth will be home during the day. I will be escaping to work, while Randall spends time with the kids. I'm hoping that without the imminent burden of taxes and this week's sermon hanging over his head, he'll be able to just play and hang out with them and not worry about accomplishing anything in particular. I find that I'm at my most impatient with the kids when I'm trying to get something else done. The kids could be behaving in a particular way at one time and it doesn't bother me at all, but the same behavior when I'm trying to concentrate on something will drive me up a wall. I would be a perfect mother if that was all I had to do!


Today was so special for our whole family. Several members of our church family and friends commented that Randall's sermon was just so touching. My mom, sister, and Anna Grayce's Godmother, Nancy, (as well as myself) had tears in our eyes as he spoke. It was a memorable day for all of us and a very unique sermon! Hope you had a nice dinner.

I'm so happy to hear that you and Randall are getting in some quality time together. Things can get so crazy and stressful that recreation and couple-time get put on the back burner, but it is so important to keep up communication and the strength of your relationship during these difficult times. Don't be too hard on yourselves - you are doing a great job under such stressful circumstances! If you are a crabby mom or dad at times because you are trying to do too much that is okay. Good luck, and hope that Sophie's counts are high enough to continue with treatment this week.