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4/20/05 PM

9:30 PM: Well, the structured-schedule experiment was partly successful. It didn't help when a half-hour phone meeting turned into an hour and a half, but Sophie and I generally had a good day. We'll continue adjusting the schedule until we find a routine that generally works (realizing, of course, that a total routine is impossible with our lives lately).

I gave Sophie her chemo injection tonight after dinner. She and Elisabeth were watching one of the videos that arrived in the mail today from a friend of mine (thanks Wayne!), so she didn't seem bothered at all by what I was doing. I felt sad and hopeful at the same time to be injecting such a powerful drug into my daughter's body.

We were happy to have Randall home tonight after a long day at Duke. He's feeling down because one of his professors told the class today that his 33 year-old son has a serious recurrence of cancer that has metaticisized to several parts of his body. Although they are exploring some options, they are also preparing for the worst. We don't even want to imagine what that must be like.