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9:00 PM (Randall posting): As has always been the case, Sophie's middle-of-the-night nausea did not adversely affect her today. She had a great day today, even if we did not stick very well to our schedule. We watched less TV, though, and spent more time outside, so we've made some progress. Unfortunately, I still have some schoolwork to do, so I'm not free to spend every waking moment with her right now.

One exciting thing that happened today was that we have new neighbors. For the past few weeks we have been watching as two Kildeer have nested in the backyard. Today they had babies. Sophie and I saw the baby birds first as we came home from dropping Elisabeth off at school. We have all had a great time spying at them from across the yard, which has been very upsetting to the adults.

This evening after dinner we all spent some time outside, the girls playing in the sandbox, swinging, blowing bubbles, riding bikes, and so forth. It was a great time. Then we got Sophie bathed and started working on all her treatments (chemo, dressing change). The dressing change went terribly. At the clinic on Tuesday, they switched her dressing to Mefix from Tegaderm because it looked as if Sophie was beginning to react to the Tegaderm. The Mefix does not appear to be a viable alternative. For one thing, Mefix needs to be changed three times a week instead of once, and for another, it was incredibly difficult getting it off. As if that wasn't bad enough, poor Sophie's skin all around the dressing was incredibly irritated and red, very rash-like. We were all very upset. I spoke with the doctor in Chapel Hill and she suggested that perhaps Sophie is allergic to the Mefix. Fortunately we had a third (sample, from the clinic) alternative, so we stumbled our way through trying this one. Sophie finally calmed down and is on her way to falling asleep, but gosh what an evening! I certainly hope this irritation clears up (this particular dressing needs to be changed once a week, so we've got the next seven days to keep our eyes on it and worry about it).


Hi, I am sorry that the new dressing didn't work out. I do understand how Sophie's skin can be so irritated though. I don't know anything about the dressing that needed to be changed three times a week - we don't use it on the babies. I understand the reason for dressings needing to be changed weekly, but I wonder if a smaller dressing might be better for Sophie in the end. Have you tried the adhesive remover yet? Did it make the dressing come off any easier? I do hope this third type dressing is easier on her skin. It is usually the adhesive that causes the contact dermitis (skin rash) in most people who are sensitive to those things. I am sure that you did just fine in changing Sophie's dressing using the new dressing.
I am sure that the girls enjoyed spending time outside. It was beautiful here yesterday. In Winchester today it was pretty dreary looking like it wanted to rain (Can't say for sure if it ever did since I don't look out the windows all the time.) And, give yourselves a break about not sticking strickly to the new "agenda". It took time to establish the pattern you wish to change, so it will take some time to adjust to the new routine too.
I look forward to visiting next week. Take care. Hugs and kisses all around. Love, Eileen

Still thinking of and praying for you guys daily. Actually you seem to have more of a routine and scheduled life than we do, and we aren't facing the things you are right now. I'm so glad that Sophie seems to be doing pretty well with this treatment. Keep holding on, miracles and blessings are in the making, just as you were able to watch the baby birds begin their new life. Love & prayers, Deanna Tew