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4/22/05 AM

10:00 AM: We had a really good night (meaning, we all slept the whole night with no interruptions). That always helps us have a good start to our day. Randall and Elisabeth left for school this morning, and Sophie and I are working on a revised activity schedule (I should say, we're already ignoring it and doing whatever we want).

Sophie and I were just having breakfast (well, I was finally having breakfast, and she was having her third snack). We were sitting together quietly eating, and out of the blue, she said, "So! How is your toast?" It seemed to be very grown-up conversation for a two-year-old. Now, we're heading outside for some play time (right on schedule!). She wants to play in the sandbox and says she's going to make a "big hill."

Just now, Sophie brought me one of Elisabeth's notebooks and told me to read it. I flipped through her various pictures and stories and found the following prayer she wrote: "Spirit of the living God I love you. Please keep me in your Holy Family. I want to be in your heart. And Sophie get better. Amen."


So glad this morning is going smoothly and Sophie can enjoy playing outside and have fun. Children are such a blessing and what better way to see it than in Elisabeth's prayer. It sounds so grown up and so sincere. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. It is amazing how a six year old can write something like that. Your family is blessed and we also pray for you. Enjoy your day.

Everytime I read your postings on Sophie's website I have tears in my eyes. Sometimes it is good not to follow your schedule, but follow your heart.
Love you all very much. You are always in my every thought and prayer.

Remember that "schedules" are just "guidelines" for daily living. You are doing great! I loved reading Elisabeth's prayer. She is such a "unique" little lady and a loving big sister.

I was really touched by the prayer in Elisabeth's notebook, and I was particularly touched by seeing God's hand involved in two-year-old Sophie bringing the book to you to read. Way cool! I hope the weather there is as beautiful as it is here in South Carolina, because then you'll be able to enjoy even more healing outside time! I hope the rest of your day is FABULOUS!!! Smiles, Deneen :-)

I was really touched by the poem Elisabeth wrote and I know you were. I know that you are very proud of her. You have two very special children. I am glad that you get to play outside today, that's where we are headed. As for schedules - I've given up on them! It's so hard to keep a schedule (especially as complicated as things are at your house at this time in your lives). I admire you for all you do and I feel your pain through your web postings. It is so hard to see our children in pain. I know at times you feel overwhelmed and helpless. Just remember that there are many people who think that you are doing a great job and you have been an inspiration to many. I will keep you all in my prayers. Take care and have a wonderful weekend. Laura