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4:00 PM: Another good day--Sophie's had lots of energy all day and has whined only a little. We got up early to have breakfast at church and then stayed for the service and Sunday School. Randall got a positive comment on his sermon (on the topic of "living stones"--1 Peter 2:2-10), which always makes him feel good. Following all the church activities, we visited our normal Sunday lunch spot and then came home for a nap. Randall and I had a meeting at church, and we just got home. It's a little windy, but the girls are wanting to play outside. Ms. Dawn is coming over tonight to watch the girls while we go to Bible study and then out to a dinner by ourselves (much needed).


It is great to hear that you guys are having some good days and nights HA! We all like nights with no interruptions occassionally, don't we.? I have told Ms. Dawn how wonderful it is that she and Ms. Maria are helping you guys out, sometimes we offer but never follow through although we have great intentions.We are still expecting & looking for Sophie back at Countryside. Glad that your sermon went well Randall and by the way thanks for allowing Susan to sleep in a little.Susan you are a great inspiraton to me, you seem to be juggling family, home and work well with your difficult circumstances.All things are possible to those who believe!! We are all a work in progress, He is still working on me and I'm ever so grateful for his grace and mercy.Tell Sophie Hi from Madelyn. Love & prayers Deanna