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4/26/05 AM

8:00 AM: The dressing change went reasonably well last night. The new bandage (IV 3000) came off pretty easily, but she was really upset about it (she just associates the dressing change with pain and discomfort, whether there is any or not). We're starting to think that maybe the problem is with the Detachol and not with the dressing. It just seems like her skin has been significantly more irritated since we started using it to loosen the bandages. We're going to try the next few dressing changes without it to see if that makes a difference.

It was a rough night. Sophie woke up quite agitated at 11:00 (just as we were heading to bed ourselves). She was scratching a lot at her bandage and was so hysterical, she couldn't tell us whether that was what was wrong. I laid down with her, and every time she drifted off, I would sneak out and go back to my own bed. But then she'd wake up scratching, see I wasn't there, and start crying again. So, I settled in with her and stayed until we both fell asleep. Eventually I woke up and saw that she was sleeping soundly and went back to bed, but I had to make several return trips during the night. I'm thankful I had already made the decision to work at home today, because I would have had a hard time staying alert for the drive in.


Sorry to hear about your restless night, hope whatever is agitating Sophie will soon be at a minimium if not gone. Hope you have a wonderful day, I loved the updated pictures, they are both lovely young ladies, I like the new haircuts too. Madelyn wasn't at school the day you guys took the pictures, hope to stop by and visit with you guys before too long. Blessings, Deanna