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9:15 PM: Sophie had a mixed day. I was at work for most of it, but I can report on what I heard. Randall said she seemed agitated a lot--the littlest thing made her complain and whine. That was likely due to constipation (she hadn't pooped since Monday night), but she finally went tonight, so that should make her feel better.

She and Eileen played outside a lot today, which she seemed to enjoy. Sophie got to visit Countryside (her old daycare) today and hugged her friend Madelyn when she got there. In fact, Madelyn was the only person she seemed excited to see.

Randall administered Sophie's IV chemo tonight, and we were sure to give her Zofran beforehand. I forgot to do that first last night, and she was quite nauseated last night around 11:00 (although she was retching, she never did throw up). She seems to be doing well so far tonight, but she did complain just now of an upset tummy, but she said she's not going to throw up. I'm just betting that the girls (who are sleeping in the same room tonight) will wake up early tomorrow, since we don't actually have to get out of bed until 7:00.


Hope Sophie's tummy soon calms down. Madelyn was excited about Sophie's visit as well. When we ask her who did she see at school, she said Sophie and had the biggest smile, children love one another unconditionally. The same way God loves us. We are still planning a visit soon, Madelyn's big sis' is following Randall's steps in that she has a huge sociology paper due Monday and (has been back and forth from Raleigh and on the phone with her mom for help as always, for the last several days) but doesn't have it done yet, actually she just has the 2 articles she's to write on. Oh well, somehow we always seem to come thru. You guys enjoy yourselves while you have some help there with you. Great news about the counts!! We are still believing for the best!! Hugs to Sophie and Elisabeth. Love and prayers Deanna