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4:00 PM: It's been a good day. Sophie played with Eileen and has avoided much TV (although she has negotiated a little more than Eileen had in mind for this afternoon). Elisabeth has a dress rehearsal tonight for her dance recital tomorrow. Randall and I drove out to Campbell University (where it will be held) close to lunch so I would know how to get there (and how long it would take). That was a nice little outing. We have a very full weekend ahead of us, so it was nice to have a little downtime today. Neither of us got much work done though!


It's o.k. to have days when you don't get much done. You deserve it! I know that Elisabeth will be beautiful tommorow in her recital. Wish her luck from Haley. Haley was unable to dance in her recital but she was fine with that. We carried her to her pediatrician today because of some concerns (she has had a few headaches this week that has required medicine at school, eyes have been weak, and she has been fussy for a couple of days), the doctor said that everything looked fine, however, he felt that perhaps she is over exerting herself. He suggested some half days during the week especially during the end of the week since that is when she is having problems with being tired. I'm glad Sophie is doing good. The pictures are great. Enjoy the recital and maybe we can get the girls together one evening next week. Take care! You all remain in my prayers. Laura