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6:15 PM (Randall posting): The word today is that Sophie's counts are not high enough to administer chemotherapy this week. Unfortunately, they are so low (at least one of them, the hemoglobin) that Sophie will require a red blood cell transfusion. Whenever Sophie is transfused, she needs specially screened and irradiated blood, and that is something that needs to take place in Chapel Hill. So, we will be going to the clinic after all. The red blood cell transfusion usually takes 2-3 hours once the cross and type are verified. Once we're through with that, we'll be good to go. Another early morning drive to UNC is on the agenda.

Elisabeth just got back from the orthopedist and the news is mixed. Her foot is fine, which means she will not have to wear the boot any more. The little finger on her left hand is definitely broken, and she will need to wear the splint for another 6-8 weeks. She seems so thrilled about being free from the boot, I don't think she minds having to wear the splint (but she's not happy about having to wear the splint at night).


I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Susan today. Elisabeth informed Haley and Haley was sure to let me know. I hope today went well. I am praying for you guys. I have had only a taste of what you are going through and I know it is so hard. Keep being strong. You are doing a great job with your girls! Laura Wilson

Sorry that the counts aren't so good,I'm sure you guys don't mind having a week off from treatments though. Good news about Elisabeth !! Now that Madelyn's speech is improving she can also call Sophie's name when we pray for her.We still look forward to seeing her at daycare again soon. I have a post-it on my computer to remind me to pray for you daily, although there isn't many that goes by that you don't come to my mind.We are continually lifting you up to our Wonderful Saviour & Creator!! Love & Prayers Deanna Tew