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2:53 PM (Randall posting): Sophie, Susan, and Oma came back from the clinic a short while ago and Sophie is trying hard not to take a nap. An uneventful trip to the clinic, with only a red blood cell transfusion on the agenda. Mostly, it was just waiting around for the blood to arrive and waiting for the transfusion (it is done over 2 1/2 hours). Hopefully this will perk Sophie up and her counts will rebound. We're thankful to have a break from chemo, but we'd like to keep things moving along as much as possible.


So glad the trip and procedure today were uneventful. Hopefully this next week will give Sophie and everyone some well needed rest and enjoying a quite week. Thanks for the updates, I have been thinking of Sophie all day. We will continue to remember all of you in prayer. Let us know if we can do anything. God Bless.

Annette Sills